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Abi Osisanya

Posted on September 11 2016

SITO International is based in Ontario, Canada and was founded in 2015 with a passion to provide our customers with high quality products.

We offers a wide range the Pioneer Woman line of kitchen, cooking and dinnerware products.

Including Bowls, Teapots, Cupcake Stand, Mugs, Napkin Box, Oven Mitts, Butter Dishes, Creamers Table Cloths, Egg Holder, Utensil Holders, Honey Jar, Aprons, Lazy Susan and Many Many more its !!!

We also offer a wide range of Organic Grocery selection - Primal Kitchen, Julian Bakery, Simple Mills and many more -

Nut Free,
Sugar Free
Vegan Free
Gluten free
We also sell a selection of Sauce, Marinades

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