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Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing ~ 24 oz by Olive Garden

Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing ~ 24 oz by Olive Garden



Brand: Olive Garden


  • KICK OF FLAVOR: This recipe has been the guests' favorite for how many decades. They are hooked with its amazing flavor. You can use it to marinate salads and meats to make them creamier. No need to worry about because it contains no trans-fat and artificial flavors.
  • SIGNATURE RECIPE: This has classic Italian herbs with oil and vinegar that made it sweet and tangy inside your mouth. Use this in your salad break to make it lightly creamy and crisp savory taste and also it is good as your dipping for vegetables.
  • IDEAL DRESSING: This has been an ideal dressing to enjoy your salad, pasta dishes or potato salad at all times. Use it to make a dip for vegetables or marinade to make it lighter, creamier, and crispier tasting.
  • FLAVORFUL PUNCH: Italian Dressing is the exact and the best dressing to your favorite salads. This bottle brings that delicious, tangy, and herbaceous taste to your kitchen at home. You will surely enjoy the benefits and feeling upon consuming it.
  • DRESSING TO RECREATE: Use this delightful dressing to add delicious flavor to your salads, macaroni or vegetables. This can also be used to recreate their signature salad for family and guest or even for yourself.

Publisher: T. Marzetti Company

Details: Bringing you the best tasting and savory Signature Italian dressing to your salad breaks. This is perfect for marinating meat and adding to salads. Or, you can use it as a delicious dip for freshly picked vegetables. This has no artificial flavoring and trans-fat. It contains Italian herbs with oil and vinegar which made this product a tangy and sweet flavored. This has been the most favorite of all customers and guests for how many years because of its indifferent taste.

Once you've tried this, you will surely love it. Use this dressing in every family and acquaintance gatherings and make your own recipe that seems you're bringing an Italian dish into your kitchen at home.

Contains: Milk, eggs

Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches

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